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2003-06-11 | 2:28 a.m.

There is a look, a certain eagerness and twirling want in a person's eyes that I see when I know they've decided they have to have me. Now able to recognize it, I welcome that look, most of the time.

Employers get it when I apply for their jobs. People selling things to teenage girls get it when they see me and the other two Powerpuffs coming.

My bosses love me. "Cool" you're thinking. Who wouldn't love a person that spends more time doing the tasks than they do trying to find a way to get out of stuff. And who is flexible. And who gets along with virtually almost anyone.

...But still, I think I'm doing something wrong. Yesterday, our secretary had a birthday, complete with flowers and a box of candy. Sweet, huh? Yea. She remarked "this feels weird, since it's usually *other nurse's name* who gets all the little gifts around here. So true. The same day, a departing patient made sure she left presents for a couple of the staff. Happens all the time. People get little thank you cards and suprises.

Diary, you know that I certainly don't begrudge any of those people a thank you gift. It did get me to thinking, tho. In 8 years of jumping when I'm told to jump, and lying down when I'm told to lie down, and bending over backwards to accomodate all my other co-workers, I have never gotten any such thing.

Which begs the question: Am I doing something wrong, or .. OR.. am I simply doing such an outstanding, even seemless job, that patients forget ever being sick when they were around me? Forget to feel 'fortunate' to have such splendid care? Forget to feel that they need to leave me with some parting thankyou-apology stuff? While a personal note is quite nice to get, it's even better to include in one's resume, you get my drift? Yea, THAT would look nice. A whole other section entitled Testimonials.

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